Teleport is a high-resolution audio-visual portal connecting cultures, people and places; it is a new means of digital travel and a natural generator of tourism.

How does it work?

Multiple life-size portals, equipped with sound and HD image quality will be conveniently placed in extraordinarily beautiful, but exceptionally diverse public settings. Curious audiences will be drawn to this futuristic travel machine and will spontaneously find themselves interacting with individuals standing on the other side of the gateway.
The technology represents a fissure, a virtual doorway, its threshold can be crossed everyday all day; LIVE HD images will mesmerize viewers teleporting them to distant, faraway lands.

Why it works

Teleport is the piece missing to your destination marketing strategy, it will favor incoming tourism in an original and unique way. Traditional marketing campaigns identify the audience as a passive target, with Teleport viewers become active users and will give voice to the destination.
They will swap travel stories, describe their experience, share suggestions on what to see, where to go, what to do and eat!
Not only will teleport market your destination, but it will attract an endless number of advocates that will publicly promote it at zero.

Soon available in tourist destinations across the globe!

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